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An LJ based Drawn Together Roleplay

Draw Us Together: Drawn Together Roleplay
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Housemates, welcome to your next challenge.

Create your online journals, keep up with them, do as I say, and try not to kill each other.

At least until sweeps week.


This is a Drawn Together roleplay, based off of the animated television show created by Dave Jeser & Matt Silverstein. This roleplay is willing to accept the main eight characters, as well as just about any other side character that you might want to play with us. We're pretty easy going here. The roleplay will be done through a combination of character journal entries, and third person logging. Trust us, it'll be fun.

At this point, there are no exact guidelines into a plot. Much like the show itself, we make it up as we go along, with randomness and in-character dramatic antics. We are a laid back, easy going slash/het/smut/violence/random/racism friendly environment. And therefore, you should join us.

Also, we have twelve year olds.

And donkeys.

Lots of them.


Rules/Guidelines ||
Just a few little things for you to follow along with, to keep the mods from tearing their hair out.

Taken Characters ||
Make sure you check here, and the reserves, before you apply. You don't want to apply for an already taken character! Anyone with an lj name beside them, is taken.

OOC Community ||
This is where we post anything that isn't in-character. Just random things, hiatus notices, etcetc.

Reservation Post ||
If you don't have time to apply right now, but want us to hold your character for you, this is the spot.

Fast Add/Remove ||
A quick and easy way to add everyone already in the roleplay. Major time saver!

Application ||
Ready to join us? Then just fill this little thing out, and you'll be on the road to reality tv stardom.


Name: Amie.
Email: pyrateamie@gmail.com
AIM: Boys ala Radio
Character(s): Princess Clara.