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The Rules & Guidelines:

The Rules & Guidelines:

→ No godmodding or metagaming, etcetc. If you have permission from the mun to god-mod their character for a log/post/whatever, then please feel free, but we'll know if you are god modding without permission, and we will kick your ass. Rule of thumb is to always ASK before you do something to someone elses muse, even in a world like DT where death is frequent and unsurprising. We don't want people stepping on each others toes.

→ As of right now, the character limit is two. This may increase, or decrease, in the future. We'll just need to see how it goes when we grow.

→ Keep drama/wank/bullshit outside of the game. Yes, people will argue, and disagreements between players are bound to happen, but keep it between yourselves and out of the rp community. You can all be adults and work it out, if you really try, without dragging the game down. Also remember that OOC =/= IC, for the love of god. If you're playing Toot, and Clara calls you fat, that is no reason to get butthurt and hate the mun over IC drama. Open drama will get your ass tossed the fuck out the door.

→ SPEAKY THE ENGLISH. Seriously, English is the primary language we use in this roleplay, and so we expect you to post with it, and to have proper grammar and spelling. There are exceptions to the rule [Ling Ling immediately comes to mind], but at least try to let us understand wtf is going on, right? It'll be easier for all of us. Typos are exceptional, but we aren't allowing anybody whos typz lyke dis.. unless you're playing Foxxy.

→ This roleplay is open to people of all ages. We don't have an 18+ rule, but we are asking that you rate your logs accordingly. If you're writing something with adult themes [drugs, violence, sex, etc], then please friends lock the post and place it under an lj-cut, along with a warning before said cut. This is also helps those of us who may be reading/playing at work or school or whatever, and don't want to see NWS things out in the open.

→ Try to stay in character. Yes, we are aware that this is Drawn Together, and that what equates to IC can change at any given moment, but let's try to stay close, all righty? Just keep it in mind.

→ Original characters are not welcome! You can play any of the main eight, and even side characters, but no OCs.

→ Be tolerant. Just try to think of the fandom that you're dealing with here, people. We're going to have gays, racism, violence, and everything in between. And we're going to have characters bashing all of those, and everything in between. Remember our IC =/= OOC rule, too. IC racists do not = OOC racists, for example. They're just being IC, and that is a good thing.

→ When you're accepted, you must make an in character journal. You are not allowed to play using your personal lj.

→ Logging is to be done, and posted, in drawustogether. If you're posting or creating a log, use an lj-cut, and post the following format before it:

Logs posted without using this format WILL BE WARNED AND THEN REMOVED. Also, please remember to write the names of the involved characters into the tags.


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